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In October 2005, DJ Back (17.07.1971 - 26.12.2013), along with his friend with a mysterious pseudonym DJ Commandor, registered a domain name The whole idea for starting up this radio station sprang form the founder's passion for Italo Disco and Eurodance as well as his willingness to share this music and his numerous CD and vinyl collections with others.

It wasn’t all that easy for them at the beginning. They had to learn from their own mistakes and do it the hard way but despite the obvious difficulties, they kept getting a lot of pleasure and enjoyment out of these fun and games with the radio. At that time the station didn’t have appropriate playback equipment for playing music while the presenters were off the air.To stream music on the radio you would’ve had your PC running 24/7. This ‘Chinese’ contraption was not widely available at the time and the whole process required the presenters to have a lot of dedication and perfect time synchronization. One month later, in November 2005 , the team expanded with Italiano Vero, who was approved for the job right after sending his resume. Now they were three of them , not to confuse it with “The Three of Them”.On the 1st of December , 2005, the official opening of the new Internet Radio was announced and the station kicked off in high gear, bringing its listeners their favorite Disco & Dance HI-NRG from the 80’s. In the meanwhile, the team was further expanded with another presenters. And so they kept playing, winning more and more listeners as the time went by.

2005 marks a turning point for both the station and the website when DJ Black has to suspend its broadcasts and services due to a lack of time because of his other engagements. But as they say, “every cloud has a silver lining”! The then ambitious presenter and the current Administrator and Director Italiano Vero decides to get the whole project up and running again. In May 2007, the both website and the forum of the new Radio Italo4you came into being under a domain name Oh man, many tears of joy were pouring out that day, actually that wasn’t the only thing that was pouring out …….!

„Papacio Vero”, that’s how he is affectionately called by our presenters, is responsible for the whole of the radio station and its operations, making sure everything is going smoothly in the studios and on the forum. At the beginning, trying to provide its listeners with the best quality stream, Italo4you broadcast in MP3 PRO format, using 64kbps bitrate stream. They later switched to aac+64 and finally went with 96kpbs. However, the acc+ format couldn’t make it possible for the listeners to tune in to the station on their portable media players. That’s why, in 2010, they decided to invest in MP3 audio format with 128kbps bitrate. This allowed the listeners to access the best quality streaming on every kind of player, and even on their mobile phones.
Commencing December 1, 2011, Radio Italo4you can also be tuned in on the satellite TV platform „n” as well as on “NC+” radio channel 615.

Currently, Radio Italo4you is an internet radio station that can be accessed on social networking websites such as You can also reach us on Facebook. Our music channel can be found on YouTube. You can access our radio through popular IM service no 10885442 during each broadcast. Our radio Skype ‘radioitalo4you’ and our landline nr 48 222-085-442 are available during selected programs. Please come and join us. With our twenty-person crew, Italo4you will offer you the unique atmosphere wherever you are, bringing you a wide variety of the most fantastic hits everywhere where you can get internet access.

Over the years, there have been many excellent presenters working for the station. They contributed a great deal to the station and gave good times to all of us. Here are some that are worth mentioning:
Ragazza (Justyna), DJ Krucyfiks (Mariusz), DJ Cypis (Zbigniew), Marabut (Marcin), Sikor (Robert), DJ Mroczek (Krzysztof), DJ Marko (Mariusz), DJ One (Rudolf), djeldiablo (Janusz), Rudy (Grzegorz), Mario (Mariusz), Noncia (Ilona) ...